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Corporate Actions Playbook

The following represents an initial release of the ZEROgrid Playbook, a living document that will be expanded and revised over time to reflect new insights.

Implementation Guidance

Guidance on Prioritizing Actions 

ZEROgrid will be exploring key questions to guide companies in assessing the types of individual or collective actions they may wish to pursue. Some of these questions will include: 

  • Are there existing policy, financial, or behavioral incentives to support a given action? 
  • What are the anticipated financial consequences associated with the action, both in terms of overall costs and financial risk? 
  • Are companies able to take this action independently, or will others need to be involved? 
  • What are the anticipated effects on carbon emissions? 
  • How might the action impact local grid reliability? 
  • How will this support or impede a just transition? What are the economic, social, and environmental impacts on surrounding communities? 
  • How long will it take for the action to lead to tangible results? 

Guidance on Implementation 

Once companies understand what they want to do, there is still the question of how to best implement a specific action. ZEROgrid will develop guidance for specific corporate actions that address the four key challenges to achieving reliable load growth with carbon-free electricity as well as the following questions: 

  • Context: What is this action and why is it important?   
  • Challenges: What obstacles should companies expect to encounter?   
  • Solutions: What should companies do? Who else needs to take action?  How can companies engage other stakeholders to ensure the action leads to effective changes? 
  • Resources: What existing case studies can serve as success stories and provide further insights? 

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