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Corporate Actions Playbook

The following represents an initial release of the ZEROgrid Playbook, a living document that will be expanded and revised over time to reflect new insights.


The ZEROgrid initiative leverages the power of corporate action to achieve two interconnected objectives for the electric power sector:

  1. Reliability: As the United States seeks to electrify its economy in support of decarbonization targets, it will be increasingly vital to maintain a reliable electric supply in the face of increasingly frequent and intense natural disasters. 
  2. Decarbonization: By 2030, the US power sector must achieve an 80 percent reduction in emissions while increasing power production by 60 percent to meet growing demand in order to limit the worst impacts of climate change.

This Corporate Actions Playbook is a guide for companies to identify and implement actions that support reliable grid decarbonization. The Playbook’s three sections address the following key topics: 

  1. Key Challenges to Reliable Grid Decarbonization: This section outlines current issues that are complicating the transition to a clean, reliable grid.
  2. Types of Corporate Actions: This section identifies the five mechanisms that companies can leverage to individually or collectively address these challenges.
  3. Implementation Guide: This section provides guidance on key prioritization questions ZEROgrid will help collaborators explore and tactical guidance on specific, high-impact activities.

The Playbook will adapt and expand to reflect the insights and strategies derived from ZEROgrid’s Reliability and Impact Advisory Initiatives, Corporate Working Group, and ecosystem partnerships. If you have any questions or feedback about the Playbook or our work, please Contact Us.

For more information on ZEROgrid’s mission and objectives, see the “What is ZEROgrid” and “FAQ”.