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Corporate Actions Playbook

The following represents an initial release of the ZEROgrid Playbook, a living document that will be expanded and revised over time to reflect new insights.

Types of Corporate Action

ZEROgrid was formed to leverage the capabilities of corporate actors to help address these challenges to transitioning to a reliable, zero-carbon grid individually and through collaboration with other key stakeholders, including regional transmission organizations (RTOs) and independent system operators (ISOs), utilities, developers, and technical experts. Private companies have a variety of potential means to help address these challenges while also supporting their internal business objectives by leveraging their purchasing power, financial resources, operational practices, and external influence.


Companies can support a clean, reliable grid directly through their procurement decisions and practices.  

Example: Collaboratively create new tariff arrangements with electric utilities that also support and enable the deployment of additional transmission infrastructure or other solutions for reliability from carbon-free resources.


Companies can deploy their own R&D capabilities or sponsor external academic or commercial studies to accelerate the learning curve and commercialization of clean technologies. 

Example: Sponsor researchers to accelerate the learning curve and adoption of grid-enhancing technologies (GETs). 


Companies can adopt specific internal operational practices to help reduce peak loads and support the integration of clean technologies. 

Example: Enroll facilities with flexible loads in demand response or virtual power plant programs.


Companies can provide financing and investment to enable the deployment of clean technologies. 

Example: Create and deploy innovative financing mechanisms to fund third-party EV charging and grid infrastructure investments.


Companies can engage relevant grid stakeholders to inform policy and regulatory decisions that will support grid reliability and carbon-free electricity. 

Example: Engage with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) through stakeholder forums to collectively find new approaches and solutions to streamline interconnection requests without impairing the grid’s ability to provide reliable service.

For specific examples of actions that companies have already taken across these categories, see “Diverse Actions through Our 5 Pillars.